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  1. Terms of Use
    • The Site is maintained by the Company to provide Users with an avenue to exchange information as well as communicate with each other. Please feel free to browse this Site.

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    • Users who decide to make a purchase via the site, should check all information carefully before submitting your order.
    • Orders will be shipped out within 3 to 5 working days after payment has been received and confirmed by the Company
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    • A shipping fee will be imposed for any purchase of less than SGD$100.
    • Mode of Payment that are accepted and not limited to, are Paynow; Visa; and MasterCard.
    • Any order of less than 6 tins cannot be guaranteed to be delivered in the Aptamil original carton packaging. 

    • All queries may be directed to SCI eCommerce Pte Ltd's hotline, contactable at +65 8713 5268 or via email cssupport@sciecomm.com

  2. Indemnity
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  5. General
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